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Learn the PASSÉ COMPOSÉ ÊTRE verbs with the “Jacques Passé Composé Être Verbs Song” video and the FREE Study Pack!

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Vocabulary Set image for JACQUES, accompanies the JACQUES PASSÉ COMPOSÉ ÊTRE VERB song video


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* ALL the verbs of the song are Passé Composé Être Verbs(Except ÊTRE)!

* Study Pack includes…

  • Over 30 pages of study resources
  • Cheat Sheet – For those of you in a rush!
  • Full Lyric Sheet – With all the lyrics & translations of the entire song
  • Parts 1, 2 & 3 – Passè Composé Être verbs are broken down into 3 lists
  • Word Puzzles, Word Maps and Word Tables (with English definitions)
  • Answers to all the puzzles
  • Review puzzles after every word list!

* Added Bonus…

  • Bonus 1) Puzzles to go over the Other Lyrics
  • Bonus 2) Improve your vocabulary with these Bonus Words


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